Our Teaching Philosophy

Our mission: to be the BEST Mandarin Chinese school for your children

  • Build their confidence to communicate in Chinese
  • Enhance their language skills through fun activities and cultural events
  • Support their learning after class (tips for parents)
  • Track their learning progress

Our offers

We offer classes in:
Küsnacht ZH, Thalwil, Meilen, Pfäffikon SZ, Zug, Baar, Unterägeri, and Rotkreuz
Our class size is between 4 to 6 children.
We provide immersive learning environment.

Local Group Class

Our local group classes are aimed for children from the age 4 onward. Our courses are carefully designed according to their ages and Chinese levels (Novice Low-High, Intermediate, Advanced and Native speaker classes). These classes are conveniently located close to the students’ home or local center. These classes usually take place during the weekdays between 3pm and 7pm. Please find more information about the classes: Little Little Mandarin class (4-7 yo) and Little Mandarin class (8+ yo).

On Campus Class and Workshop

We offer our Little Little Mandarin classes (4-7 yo) and our Little Mandarin classes (8+ yo) directly on campuses of private and public schools. Some of these classes are exclusive for the school’s own students and some of them are open for all. Please go to our time table to see the currently running classes. Email us for registration or if you would like our offer at your (child’s) campus.

Little Mandarin Private

(Age 4 onwards)

We offer private language classes for one child or a small group of up to three children. Location can be discussed. Besides classes which are tailored to individual’s requirement and speed, we offer several unique services, such as after-class real time recap video, cultural immersion through cultural events etc. Please click here for more details.

Where and when

Please find here our class offerings for school year 2020/21 in Küsnacht, Meilen, Thalwil, Pfäffikon SZ.

Starting from August 2020, we are offering classes in Zug, Baar, Unterägeri and Rotkreuz. Please follow this link to see the details.

We are continuously starting new classes. Please contact us at info@littlemandarinschool.ch for more information.

Here are the LittleMadarin Chinese School’s current month time table for our classes and events: Time Table

LittleMandarin Learning Material

Here you can find the our exclusive learning material

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