Why should my child learn Chinese Mandarin?

As China has become the economic power house, there are so many reasons that your child should start learning Mandarin Chinese as early as possible. Not only will she/he gets to know a very important culture and build on her/his intercultural competence, it is also a proven fact that her/his grasp of a language is at its best when she/he starts learning it at an early age.

What is LittleMandarin Chinese School©?

LittleMandarin Chinese School© is a brand owned by Mandarin Education GmbH. Mandarin Education’s primary goal is to foster an understanding of Chinese culture and language. LittleMandarin Chinese School specializes in providing an immersive and fun learning environment using an unique teaching methodology whereas children get a natural access to the Chinese language and culture. LittleMandarin is currently operating in 7 teaching locations and 4 different Cantons in Switzerland. In our time table you can find the currrently offered classes and locations. LittleMandarin focuses mainly on physical classes, holiday camps and other cultural events. Cultural activities help children and parents to put the language in a cultural context. All of our teachers (Chinese natives with teaching experience and/or teaching related educational background) are instructed through training sessions and materials to apply one unified teaching methodology that is child-friendly and as immersive as possible.

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