Feifei Dai 戴菲菲

Feifei Dai 戴菲菲 (originally from Guangdong province) graduated in 2012 with a bachelor degree majoring in Chinese language from Jiaying University. In 2015, she also obtained a master degree majoring in English interpretaion from Guangxi Normal University. Since 2014, Feifei has been working as Chinese teacher in China and as a Chinese government-sponsored Chinese teacher in Thailand. She also organized various Chinese cultural activities and camps in both Thailand and China. Feifei's mother tongue is Mandarin Chinese. She also is perfectly fluent in English, Thai and Cantonese.

Yuhong Tang 汤玉红

Yuhong Tang 汤玉红 (originally from Hunan Province) graduated in 2009 from the Beijing Language and Culture University in China with a Master Degree in "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language".  Yuhong started working in teaching profession since 2007. Her experience ranges from teaching Chinese at an international school in Beijing, at a high school in Germany and universities in China and Germany. Besides  Chinese as her mother tongue, Yuhong is also fluent in German and English.

Hui Liu 刘惠

Hui Liu 刘惠 (originally from Jiangsu Province) obtained her bachelor degree in 2007 in "Education (for English teaching)" and in 2010 her master degree in "Applied Linguistics" from Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Hui worked with children already before her studies since 2004. After her master degree, she was employed as college language lecturer at Jiangsu College. Hui's mother tongue is Chinese. Besides Chinese (Mandarin), she is also fluent in English and German (B2).

Liangchao Ren 任良超

Liangchao Ren 任良超 (originally from Shandong Province) has more than 5 years of teaching experience in UK. She ran after school Mandarin Chinese classes at different schools in the UK. She has a bachelor degree from Dalian University in Teaching and a Master degree in Education from University of East Anglia. Liangchao's mother tongue is Chinese. Besides Chinese (Mandarin), she is perfectly fluent in English.

Juan Huang 黄娟

In 2009 Juan Huang 黄娟 (originally from Hubei province) has obtained the certification to become a middle school teacher for English in China. She moved in 2015 to Germany and acquired the Goethe-Zertifikat C1. At our school, she teaches private and group classes for children from 4 to 12 years old. She is also trained as official mother tongue storyteller in Swiss public libraries. Juan's mother tongue is Chinese. Besides Chinese (Mandarin) and German, she is also fluent in English.

Litong Liu 刘历潼

Litong Liu 刘历潼 (originally from Jilin Province) obtained her bachelor degree in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Shanghai University in 2015 and holds a master degree in Quality and Improvement of Teaching from Universidad de Autonoma de Madrid, Spain since 2019. From 2015 onwards, she has been working as an English teacher in China and as a Chinese teacher in Spain and Switzerland. Litong's mother tongue is Chinese. Besides Chinese (Mandarin), she is also proficient in English and fluent in Spanish.

Shan He 何珊

Shan He 何珊 (originally from Heilongjiang Province) has worked area of children education with some interruptions since 2011. She graduated from Harbin Normal University with a bachelor degree in education back in 2009. Shan's mother tongue is Chinese. Besides Chinese (Mandarin), she is fluent in English and German (B1).

Jiaqi Yu 于佳琪

Jiaqi Yu 于佳琪 (originally from Sichuan Province) obtained her certificate of teachers of Chinese to Speakers of other languages in 2019 from the Confucius Institute. She has been teaching children from the age of 4. She obtained her bachelor degree in the Spanish language in China and Master in Latin American Studies at the University of Miami, USA. Jiaqi's mother tongue is Chinese. She speaks fluently Chinese (Mandarin), English, Spanish and German (B2).

Xia Wu 吴霞

Xia Wu 吴霞 (originally from Beijing) has obtained her master degree in 2013 in Renmin Universtity in China. She came to Switzerland in 2013. From 2018 to 2019 Xia taught children Mandarin Chinese at the Swiss International School in Zurich. Since 2020 Xia has started teaching for LittleMandarin Chinese School. Xia's mother tongue is Chinese. Besides Chinese (Mandarin), she is also fluent in English and German.


Yu Wang 王钰

Yu Wang 王钰 (originally from Hubei province) will obtain her bachelor degree of rhythmic musical pedagogy at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2022. She has been teaching music for kids in China and Germany since 2017 and since 2020 as music substitue teacher in Swiss public primary schools. Since 2021, Yu has started teaching our Musical Baby Mandarin classes. Yu's mother tongue is Chinese. She also speaks perfectly German (B2).