Welcome to our School

Our philosophy

Build Confidence

We create immersing classroom experience combining Chinese culture and language during class. We employ the Natural Approach (mimic the way of acquiring our first language to acquire a second language).

Make learning fun

We enhance our students' Mandarin skills through fun activities and cultural events. We apply the Tactile-kinesthetic Approach (involve our whole body movement instead of sitting and reading aloud all the time).

Transfer to real life

We use the Task-based Approach (a strong communicating approach to facilitate students to complete a meaningful task while using Chinese). We track our students' learning progress and offer tips for parents on how to support them at home.

What do parents say about us

Our Teaching Staff

All our teachers are native speakers. They have graduated from Universities in China or else where mostly with a degree in linguistic related major or have extensive experience in teaching Chinese.

Events and Activities

We regularly organize events and activities for our students and other interested children and their parents.

07  Oct

Past event: Zurich Fall Half Day Immersive Camp 7.-9.10.2020

From 7th until 9th October, 7 children got the opportunity to discover the Chinese culture. We did story time, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese painting and Kung Fu moves and more Chinese cultural activites.

02  Feb

Past event: Celebrating Year of the Rat in Küsnacht on 2 Feb 2020

The Chinese New Year Party for families successfully took place on 2 February 2020. The afternoon was full of China infused activities. Some children had so much fun that they did not want to leave the party:-)

01  Jan

Past Events in 2019/20

Thanks a lot for the 60 and more families who participated at our events until now. We truly hope to have brought the Chinese culture and language closer to you and your children. Here you can find some impressions from these events.