Our Philosophy

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Unique Teaching Methodology

Through our fun and immersive classroom, your child will gain confidence in communicating in Mandarin Chinese. We mainly apply three teaching approaches: natural, tactile-kinesthetic, and task based approach.

Teacher Quality matters

Our teachers are all native speakers. They have graduated from university usually with a degree in linguistic related major and/or have extensive teaching experience. We regularly conduct training sessions and teaching quality controls during each term.

Maximum Accessibility

Your child can access our classes, camps, and culture events close to where you live or where your child goes to school. We regularly organize cultural activities for children in collaboration with local community and other culture institutions.


Teaching Staff

Our teachers all have mother tongue Chinese and are university graduated with a linguistic related major or have extensive teaching experience.


We regularly organize events for our students and other interested children with their parents.

08  Aug

Summer Camps 2022 – Little Mandarin’s “Tour” in Ancient China

Our summer camp 2022 is structured for your child to improve her/his language skills while learning fascinating facts about chinese culture. With excursions and workshops during our Summer camps, your child will feel like as if she/he is in China!

12  Jun
Pfannenstielstrasse 1, 8706 Meilen

Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

The dragon boat festival 端午节 (Duan Wu Jie) has been celebrated for 2’000 years in China and some important Asian countries. It is usually on the 5th day of the 5th month of the lunar calendar. Together with the Dragon boat club Meilen, we are going to celebrate the dragon boat festival with families。

01  Jan

All Events

Thanks a lot to all families who participated at our events until now. We truly hope to have brought the Chinese culture and language closer to you and your children. Here you can find some impressions from these events.