We regularly organize events for our students and other interested children with their parents.

05  Aug

Summer Camp 2024 – The legend of the Eight Immortals Cross the Sea 八仙过海

During this summer camp, children immerse themselves in the timeless tale of the “Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea” 八仙过海. From games and storytelling to painting, calligraphy, and hands-on experiments, each day brings new adventures and opportunities for learning and creativity. Through the week, they not only deepen their knowledge of the language through the acquisition of key words and phrases but also absorb the essence of Chinese traditions, fostering a holistic understanding for Chinese culture and knowledge.

11  May

Past Event: “Chinese Bridge” Competition in Switzerland on 11 May 2024

Great news: Our students Samuel, Victoria and Nora won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes on the 11 May at the International Chinese Proficiency Competition for non-native Chinese speaking students in Switzerland. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances! We are so proud of all of them!

31  Dec

All Events

Thanks a lot to all families who participated at our events. We truly hope to have brought the Chinese culture and language closer to you and your children. Here you can find some impressions from these events.

Our Philosophy

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Unique Teaching Methodology

Through our fun and immersive classroom, your child will gain confidence in communicating in Mandarin Chinese. We mainly apply three teaching approaches: natural, tactile-kinesthetic, and task based approach.

Teacher Quality Matters

Our teachers are all native speakers. They are university graduates, usually with a degree in a language-related field and/or extensive teaching experience. We regularly conduct training sessions and teaching quality checks during each term. Click here to find more of LMSC Teacher trainings.

Maximum Accessibility

Your child can access our classes, camps, and culture events close to where you live or where your child attends school. In cooperation with the local community and other cultural institutions, we regularly organize cultural activities for children.

Teaching Staff

Our teachers all have mother tongue Chinese and are university graduated with a linguistic related major or have extensive teaching experience.


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