Mandarin Bag

Chinese language and culture in one bag! Let your child learn Chinese and about China in a fun and age appropriate way at home!

1 bag with specific topic including a story book, crafts, games all related to the topic. In addition, a video will be shared with you to help the kids with the correct pronounciation. All necessary material for crafts and games are also included.

Age group: 3-6

Story book:

  • Your child will get to know about each topic from different perspectives
  • Your child will learn simple vocabularies and rhyme
  • Your child (and you) can enjoy the video to the story book to learn the correct pronounciation from the beginning
  • You can support your child to understand the picture book which is annotated with Chinese and pinyin (Chinese phonetic alphabet), and English/German


  • Your child will use different hands on crafts to experience each topic
  • We designed crafts in line with montessori school and adding aspects of the Chinese culture


  • Your child will review the most important vocabulary with the game related to each topic
  • Our games and crafts both help your child to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination


  • Your child will watch the video to the story book and learn the correct pronounciation with our video from the beginning
  • Your child will develop her/his vocabularies with the video