Unique Teaching Methodology

LittleMandarin Chinese school’s Teaching methodologies aim at combining Chinese culture and language during class. We apply unique teaching methods to enhance your child’s Chinese skills and meet her/his needs at different learning stages. We will mainly employ a combination of the following three approaches:

o Your child will experience immersive classroom environment as we employ the Natural Approach (mimic the way of acquiring our first language to acquire a second language)

o Your child will learn Mandarin through songs and rhymes and role plays as well as other fun activities as we employ the Tactile-kinaesthetic Approach (involve our whole body movement instead of sitting and reading aloud all the time)

o Your child will use their learnings to real life situations as we employ the Task-based Approach (a strong communicating approach to facilitate students to complete a meaningful task while using Chinese)

Finally, we track your child’s learning progress and offer valuable tips for you on how to support her/him at home (even if you have no Chinese knowledge).