LittleMandarin Chinese School offers age and level appropriate teaching in small group and private lessons. We offer classes for children from the age of 4 years old. LittleMandarin offers currently the following classes:

Local group class

On campus class and workshop

Little Mandarin Private

Mandarin Online Class

For younger children, LittleMandarin’s curriculum focuses on the correct pronunciation and listening skills and help build interest in Mandarin Chinese through fun and interactive classroom. Your child will also learn to write some simple Chinese characters.

For children of 8 years old and beyond, our classes center upon familiarizing them with Mandarin Chinese through a combination of learning activities and structured lessons. We also lay special emphasis on reading and writing Chinese characters. For this age group, the LittleMandarin’s curriculum is developed on the basis of the standard course books of the Youth Chinese Test (YCT). YCT offers a great possibility for students to get an official certificate and evaluation of their Chinese Mandarin skills. LittleMandarin is the only qualified test center organizer in the German speaking part of Switzerland for the YCT exam.

LittleMandarin also regularly offers day camps, Chinese holiday celebrations, and cooking and other cultural related classes. Here you can find the impressions of our previously events and offerings.