5. August 2024 - 16. August 2024


  • Start Date 5. August 2024 8.40am
  • End Date: 16. August 2024 6pm
  • Cost: CHF 160 or CHF 720

Week 1) 5 until 9 August or

Week 2) 12 until 16 August (FULLY BOOKED)

Starting time/Drop off: 9.10am at Zurich HB (Landesmuseum), 8.40am at Thalwil or Küsnacht Station

Ending time/pick up: 4.45pm (or 6pm*)

Age: 4 and above

Teacher/student ratio: 1:5

Price: CHF 160/day or CHF 720/week

*CHF 15 per day for optional child care from 4.45pm to 6pm, additional 20 CHF per child above 6 years per week for public transportation

Day 1: Monday 5/12 August: Introducing of each other and our school mascot “Little Mandarin”. Some group games will be played together to learn the key words and phrases of the day. In the afternoon, “Little Mandarin” tells us the story of the “Eight Immortals Cross the Sea”八仙过海: The children will learn about some key words and sentences surrounding this famous story.

Day 2: Tuesday 6/13 August: “Little Mandarin” will help the children find out more about each of the character of the Eight immortals. What are their background and use their own creativity to create their own immortals. They will also paint the sea using Chinese painting techniques and write the character “sea” 海 in calligraphy style on a fan. The children will learn about some key words and sentences surrounding the characteristics of each immortals.

Day 3: Wednesday 7/14 August: “Little Mandarin” and the children will learn about the magical powers of the immortals. Try some magical tricks on their own and compare the difference between these Chinese magical power and the western magical power. The children will learn about some key words and sentences about magic and magic powers.

Day 4: Thursday 8/15 August: Today, “Little Mandarin” will find in the nature material with which they can “cross” the sea. They will further try their hands on some experiments all surrounding the topic of floating and sinking. They will learn the key words and sentences about the topic of water, water safety and swimming tools.

Day 5: Friday 9/16 August: “Little Mandarin” will cross the “sea” with the children  (Zurich lake by boat)! At their destination (Küsnacht), “Little Mandarin” will  host a celestial Banquets with the children: The children will make together Chinese dumplings with meat or veggie fillings. Finally, we will end the day/week with some Chinese outdoor activities: shuttlecock, hopscotch, and tug-of-war.

Highlights of the LittleMandarin Chinese Summer Camp:

  • Each day is structured in such a way that your child will improve their skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening Chinese and get a better understanding of the Chinese culture.
  • The program is mostly conducted in Chinese. Your child will learn Chinese in an immersive environment. (For non-native speackers, our teachers also understand and will conduct story telling in German/English.)
  • Meeting friends who are also learning and speaking Chinese and who your child can meet again after the camp
  • Lunch and afternoon snack included; your child only need to bring a morning snack.
  • Drop off & pick up at 3 locations: Thalwil/Küsnacht or Zurich HB (Landesmuseum)
  • *Pick up time possible until 6pm (service depends on the number of children) or at 4.45pm at the drop-off location
  • Your child can either participate the whole week or you can choose two (consecutive) days

Please register via google form  until 15 July 2024.

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