2021-01-04 -


  • Start Date 2021-01-04

While there is no doubt to you how important China as a country and Chinese language will be for the future of your child, China might seem far. Our “Mandarin Buddy” Program will bridge the geographical and cultural distance. This program brings children living in Switzerland together with those in China like nothing else before!

What is the benefit of the “Mandarin Buddy” Program?

  • Authentic interchange between your child and her/his peer which will make your child constantly engaged with China.
  • Connecting with a real child makes your child want to learn more of China and practice their Chinese reading and writing skills.
  • Your child will learn about the school life in China and other daily topics that occupies a child in China and therefore get a real exclusive insight in the life and way of thinking of her/his peers in China.
  • Through exposing your child to contact with a Chinese child of her/his own age, your child will improve her/his cultural and social competence.
  • Your child will have a first friend and guide in China once she/he will travel to China.

How does it work?

  1. Fill in this registration form to enroll your child to the “Mandarin Buddy” program.
  2. We will connect her/him to a buddy with the help of the teachers of our partner school.
  3. We will send out a monthly challenge topic for the children to reflect upon and write to each other about.
  4. Your child will then have one-month time to write a letter to her/his buddy in China about this topic. Your child will write one part in Chinese and one part in English (the content in each language should be the similar but might differ depending on her/his level). This can be done by handwriting or typing on a computer. If the letter is handwritten, please take a picture of it and send it to buddy@littlemandarinschool.ch.
  5. We will then distribute the received letter to your email account.
  6. The best written letters will be selected for publishing (anonymous) from the previous month (e.g. on our website and our Facebook page as well as in the next monthly topic announcement email).
  7. This program will cost CHF 30 per term per child for LittleMandarin Chinese school students.

Keeping children safe:

  • Our current partner school in China is Haiwanglu Primary School in Qingdao. We only work with partner schools in China where we have explicitly established agreement with the parents/teachers/schools.
  • All children must obtain the permission from their parents to participate at the program.
  • The LittleMandarin Chinese School team can monitor all student communication.
  • Children do not have to provide any personal information like personal email. Both children (through their parents) will send the email to buddy@littlemandarinschool.ch