We offer our Mandarin Chinese classes directly on campuses of private and public schools. Children of all school levels and classes will get the chance to learn Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture directly on their school campus.

We believe strongly that your child should learn Mandarin Chinese through fun activities such as story-telling, rhymes and songs, and role play. Further, we developed our curricula for 6+ years old children based on the standard course books of the Youth Chinese Test (YCT). This way, we will ensure that your child will get a systematic build-up of vocabulary and grammar. We regularly check their progress using the YCT mock exams and they could obtain their official YCT exam certificate with us as we are the only qualified testing center in the german speaking part of Switzerland.

Some of these classes are exclusive for the school’s own students and some of them are open for all. Please go to our time table to see the currently running classes. Email us for registration or if you would like our offer at your (child’s) campus.