2022-10-17 - 2022-10-21


  • Start Date 2022-10-17 8.45am
  • End Date: 2022-10-21 6pm
  • Cost: 160

Starting time/Drop off: 9.10am at Zurich HB (Landesmuseum), 8.45am at Thalwil or Küsnacht Station

Ending time/pick up: 4.45pm (or 6pm*)

Age: 4 and above

Teacher/student ratio: 1:5

Price: CHF 160/day or CHF 750/week

*CHF 15 per day for optional child care from 4.45pm to 6pm

Day 1: Monday 17 October: Introduction of each other and our school mascot “Little Mandarin”. We will then get to know the monkey king 孙悟空. Generations of Chinese children have grown up with the Monkey King, a curious monkey full of mischief and magical power. We will make a monkey mask and join the Monkey King on his adventures during a scavenger hunt in the botanical garden and learn the some Chinese words and sentences along the way.

Day 2: Tuesday 18 October: “Little Mandarin” will introduce the story of the Jade emperor 玉皇大帝 and the 12 zodiac animals. The Jade Emperor – one of the most important gods in traditional Chinese religion – is famous for inviting all animals in the world for the Chinese zodiac race. We will learn the names and characters of each Chinese zodiac animals in Chinese. Today’s trip will be to the zoological museum where we will learn more Chinese words for animals and their behaviors as well as playing some fun games.

Day 3: Wednesday 19 October: “Little Mandarin” will tell the children the story of Chang’e 嫦娥– the Chinese goddess of the moon and Houyi. It is the story of the moon festival and the story of courage, immortality and love. After learning key words and sentences of the day, we will make moon cake together in the afternoon!

Day 4: Thursday 20 October: We will explore with “Little Mandarin” the legend of Hua Mulan 花木兰. We will explore the background of the story and the difference between Hua Mulan’s life in China and Heidi’s life in Switzerland. We will learn words and sentences in the areas of food, architecture and cloths. In the afternoon, we will try to match the bravery of Mulan by learning some Gongfu moves.

Day 5: Friday 21 October: “Little Mandarin” and the children will choose a scene from the stories heard this week and rehears for a final play. Finally, we will end the day/week with some indoor and outdoor Chinese activities: shuttlecock, hopscotch, and treasure hunt.

Highlights of the LittleMandarin Chinese Fall Camp:

  • Everyday is structured in a way so your child will improve their skills of speaking, writing, reading and listening of Chinese as well as better understanding of the Chinese culture.
  • Program mostly conducted in Chinese. Your child will learn Chinese in an immersive environment. (For non-native, our teachers also understand and will conduct story telling in German/English.)
  • Meeting friends who also learn and speak Chinese and who your child could meet again after the camp
  • Lunch and afternoon snack included; your child just need to bring a morning snack.
  • Drop off & pick up at 3 locations: Thalwil/Küsnacht or Zurich HB (Landesmuseum)
  • *Pick up time until 6pm possible (service offered depending on the number of children) or at 4.45pm at the drop-off location
  • Your child could either participate the whole week or you could choose two (consecutive) days

Please register via google form until 30 September.

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