We offer private language classes for one child or a small group of up to three children. Location can be discussed. Besides classes which are tailored to individual’s requirement and speed, we offer several unique services, such as after-class support, cultural immersion through cultural events etc.

Location: to be discussed (depending the location, transport cost may apply)

Classes are tailored to individual’s requirement and speed.

After-class: One real time class recap to support children (and their parents) to repeat the key learnings after the lesson

Access to the LittleMandarin Learning Community: we connect you to our professional teaching staff and various other complementary learning resources, such as regular story telling hours by our teaching staff, links to online tools, short teaching videos made by our teachers

Access to the LittleMandarin Social Community: at our events, your children (and you) will be able to connect with other children (and parents) who are learning Mandarin Chinese and interested in Chinese Culture

CHF 105 per person for one student

CHF 60 per person for a group of two students

CHF 47 per person for a group of up to three students

10% discount of each 10 lesson package purchased in advance

A trial lesson for CHF 55 could be arranged upon request

Please fill in this google form for registration