The current times requires us to rethink our offers. Until now, LittleMandarin Chinese School primarily offers physical lessons. We are convinced that the best way of conveying the Chinese language and culture to our students is by having them in our classrooms. Our teaching staff is therefore determined to continue offering physical lessons with the appropriate health & safety measures in place. We will of course closely observe the situation and adjust if necessary.

Nevertheless, we recognize that some parents might have concerns due to current circumstances and still other parents would like their child to take additional lessons to their current physical classes to intensify certain topics.

Based on our experience from online teaching earlier this year, our educators have therefore developed “Mandarin Online”

Key features of our Mandarin Online Classes:
  • Your child (starting from the age of 4) can join our Mandarin Online Classes where we will use stories, songs and games to teach her/him Mandarin Chinese in an interactive and engaging way.
  • We will put your child in an age and level (beginners, intermediate, and advanced/native) appropriate group.
  • Once you have booked, we will assign one of our highly qualified native speaker teachers to your preferred day and time.
  • You will receive homework assignment after each session to practice reading, writing and speaking with your child at home after the class.
  • The class duration can be chosen between 30 Minutes (CHF 15) and 45 Minutes (CHF 25)
  • Class size is 3-5 students.

We offer a one-time trial lesson (regular class fee applies). Afterwards classes are booked in blocks of 10. You must have a laptop/computer with access to audio and a camera. We use Zoom for the online classes. You will receive the meeting details before each session. For registration, please fill out this form for new students and this form for existing/previous students.