Our mission: to be the BEST Mandarin Chinese school for your children:

  • Build their confidence to communicate in Chinese
  • Enhance their Chinese skills through fun activities and cultural events
  • Support their Chinese learning after class (tips for parents)
  • Track their Chinese learning progress

LittleMandarin school’s Teaching methodologies:

  • aim at creating an immersing classroom experience combining Chinese culture and language during class.
  • apply unique teaching methods to enhance your children’s Chinese skills and meet their needs at different learning stages. We will mainly employ a combination of the following three approaches:
    o the Natural Approach (mimic the way of acquiring our first language to acquire a second language)
    o the Tactile-kinesthetic Approach (involve our whole body movement instead of sitting and reading aloud all the time)
    o the Task-based Approach (a strong communicating approach to facilitate students to complete a meaningful task while using Chinese)

Please find here the qualifications of our teachers.